SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up, May 5th 2011

This morning, we are looking forward to the Samsung Event at 4pm EST. Will it be the Infuse? Will they announce a date for the Galaxy S II for the US? The hot new phone has been selling like crazy in South Korea, and our review unit knocked our socks off. We'll be sure to let you know what happens at the event. Meanwhile, Samsung has revealed a "hybrid tablet" with SENS-240 navigation. But how useful is it, really? The incomparable Chris Davies has a great column this morning analyzing Verizon's Bliss "phone for ladies". Really Verizon? Aren't we ladies smart enough to download our own apps? Also, Acer news, ARM chips, Microsoft denying updates and taking on Apple (again), the NOOKcolor 3G, Anonymous and other hackers, and much more after the cut.

The Acer Iconia Tabs A100 and A101 are set to launch on May 14th, but they price themselves out of the market?

ARM's frugal chips are gaining popularity. IDC has estimated that ARM chips will be in 13% of computers by 2015. Look out Intel.

Does anyone wear a watch anymore? Most of us just pull out our phones to check the time. Fossil is hoping to change that with the Meta Watch, which gives you updates right on your wrist. Good luck with that one.

Microsoft makes two ham-handed moves. One, they are not issuing the next WP7 update to those poor WP7 users who dared jump ahead in line for their NoDo update. It just isn't in their schedule. Second, they are trying to take on Apple with their "Do the Math" campaign, but using broad strokes and not really helping consumers make an educated decision.

Barnes & Noble confirms their new ereader, possibly a NOOKcolor 3G is due out May 24. Will this NOOK be even more like a tablet?

LastPass has been hacked, and information stolen, so be sure to change your passwords if you use the service. Also, Anonymous has again said they are not behind the PSN attack, despite the use of the "We are Legion" calling card, and have been framed by others trying to direct attention to the group.

Skype has suitors aplenty, Facebook and Google are reportedly interested in buying them. Or will they do an IPO?

Best Buy would rather its employees just let shoplifters walk out with laptops, apparently. Our commenters think they should take a clue from Walmart, whose security guys are "stone cold bounty hunters".

Apple may be phasing out DVDs, making the Mac App Store the venue of choice for software purchases. Further modernizing their distribution, according to sources at Verizon, Apple is said to be planning OTA update capability with iOS 5.

Last, in case you missed it, you can get super-awesome Android Community Wallpapers for your phone or tablet. Be the coolest one on the block.