SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: March 15, 2012

There are two big news stories that I've got to yell at you about this morning, and one of them is, believe it or not, about the iPad. Yes indeed, we do have our very own review of the new iPad here the day before the actual unit comes out in stores – you'll want to check out our New iPad Review (3rd Gen) right now or forever hold your iPad 2 units. Then you must listen to this – it's finally happened – after long last, the day you and I have all been waiting for for so very long has arrived: Diablo III has been announced for release: May 15th is the day, and across the earth is the place.

In addition to the game coming out, Blizzard is releasing some pointed updates to their website as well for Diablo III, including a Character Skill Calculator for starters. Next, back in the real world, DARPA is thinking about making some on-demand disposable satellites for your enjoyment as well. In the OS world, AnonOps has claimed that the Anonymous OS release was not only a fake, it's "wrapped in trojans" as well.

Apple's stock has hit $600 per, this a great day for all of you who bought in when it was closer to $7 of course. Both the HTC One X and HTC One S have been announced for sale. NASA has recorded something that appears to be a UFO refueling in space. AOL has come back at the world with a wait, no, AIM isn't dead despite their firing of nearly their entire instant messanger team. And of course no morning wrap-up would be complete without a NOKIA TABLET?!