SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: July 10, 2012

This week we're seeing quite a bit of news on the RIM front, mostly because the heads of the company have been vocal in the face of a possible incoming lawsuit that will be headed by angry investors – bits like We don't build phones in China and re-elections of the board are running wild. On a lighter note, you'll want to check out the kickstarter for Ouya if you've got a love for Android and video games – console style. There's a couple of new Motorola devices out there soon, too, the RAZR V for Canada and the ATRIX HD for AT&T in the USA.

Steve Ballmer has spoken – Microsoft will "leave no space uncovered that is Apple's". Steve Wozniak, on the other and of the tech world, is speaking up on Megaupload, Microsoft, and Google Project Glass.

Over in Finland, researchers have started recording the Northern Lights in sound form. AT&T has come forth with a bit of their own speech technology with a Watson-powered speech API for developers. In their Safari case, Google will have to pay a tiny $22.5 million dollars in damages.

New Google Chrome APIs have been released for cameras while Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been released to AOSP. Head on down to Google's developer pages for both systems and get to work making masterpieces!