New Google Chrome APIs allow use of cameras and more

Google launched the latest beta version of Chrome (Chrome 21) not long ago. The new beta version adds a couple new APIs to the mix that allow developers a lot more interaction with hardware attached to the computer. Using the new APIs developers can write web applications that are able to use a microphone or camera attached the computer with no need for a plug-in.

Perhaps more interesting for gamers is that developers can now write apps that take advantage of any connected video game controllers. That will certainly make gaming via Chrome much more entertaining when you can use a joystick or game pad to control the action. Since the new APIs are integrated into the browser, no plug-ins, Flash, or Java is needed.

The new API tool is called the getUserMedia API and Google notes that it will help enable WebRTC. WebRTC is a new protocol for real-time communications using web technologies, including HTML 5 and JavaScript. The second API for accessing video game controllers is called Gamepad JavaScript. You get these new features if you download the beta version of the Chrome browser, or just hold out for the stable version to launch at some point down the road.

[via Liliputing]