Researchers from Finland record the sounds of Northern Lights

A group researchers from Finland reports that they were able to record the sounds made by the Northern lights for the first time. The researchers were from Finnish Aalto University and used three different microphones placed in different locations above the ground. The team discovered proof using the microphones that the Northern Lights actually make sounds for the first time.

The team discovered that sounds produced by the aurora borealis are audible to humans and are produced a height of about 70 m above the ground. What exactly causes the sounds to be created is unclear at this point. The researchers believe that there could be different mechanisms working together to create the sound.

Apparently, there have been folk tales claiming that people have heard sounds created by the aurora borealis before, but no proof had ever been discovered. You can check out the video below to hear the sounds. It sounds like a couple sticks whacking together to me. I expected more of my high-voltage electrical power line sound.

[via Universe Today]