SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: February 15, 2013

This morning it's time to get legal with the Livescribe and Sky battle leading to a newly rebranded wifi pen. There's a group by the name of AutoCyb out there that's capitalizing on the black box data privacy you didn't know you could have. Have a peek at the Scosche lineup of Lightning connectors just released this week – so much power your head will burst!

There's been a bit of a lackluster start for the Wii U with sales well under projections. Meanwhile the Xbox 360 has been the best selling console on the market for its 25th straight month. A brand new artificial retinia has been approved by the FDA for use by the blind.

With the fiasco that was the Boeing 787 Dreamliner's melting lithium-ion batteries, it would appear that new Airbus models will be skipping inclusion entirely. Microsoft has begun detailing Messenger to Skype transitioning as the final cuts are made. Don't miss out on the Bigfoot Genome paper published this week – grab on tight! We've reviewed a brand new external battery device you'll see above called the PowerSkin PoP'n – a must see!

The folks at Opera have acquired no less than Skyfire Labs for a fabulous $155 million USD. NVIDIA and Elemental have made a team-up their own with enhanced video processing solutions galore! You'll want to dive in deep with what very much appears to be a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S IV benchmark before the device is confirmed.