NVIDIA And Elemental Team Up To Provide Enhanced Video Processing Solutions

Elemental has announced its latest video processing platform intended for on-demand video broadcasting to a variety of devices, including smartphones and PCs, utilizing NVIDIA's Tesla GPUs. Several major brands utilize Elemental's platform, including Comcast and HBO, for delivering multi-screen video content to their subscribers.

According to Elemental, the key to successfully deploying multi-screen content is by applying software flexibility to powerful hardware, something it says the combination of NVIDIA's hardware and its own software provides. The company has tailored its Elemental Server and Elemental Live solutions specifically to NVIDIA's Tesla GPU offerings.

NVIDIA's General Manager of Media and Entertainment Greg Estes offered this statement: "Elemental pioneered the use of GPUs for high-quality video transcoding, and they continue to innovate by developing new platforms that fully harness the massively parallel processing power of Tesla accelerators. The increased density and throughput available with these new Elemental products will continue to set the standard for enterprise video processing in the industry."

This move is a step towards meeting an ever-growing market, with IPTV subscriptions anticipated to double by the time 2016 rolls around. According to the research firm TDG, 65-percent of all households in the United States will watch 58 billion hours of video and TV shows on tablet devices by 2017. By combining its solutions with NVIDIA's GPUs, Elemental is equipping itself to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry.

[via NVIDIA]