AutoCyb promises to keep the black box data your vehicle records private

Over the last several months, there has been some talk of mandating event data recorders or so-called black boxes inside of new vehicles to record information about accidents before and after they occur. Some of the push behind the drive to integrate black boxes and all automobiles came when Toyota was plagued with stuck throttle issues that led to several hoaxes from people simply looking for money. What you may not know is that Event Data Recorders (EDR) have been installed in some vehicles already on the market.

If you want to keep any data recorded by your vehicle private, a product is available called the AutoCyb. This device isn't software that scrambles data or alters the way the EDR inside your vehicle operates. The AutoCyb is a low-tech lock device that you plug into your vehicles Diagnostic Link Connector

Those connectors are more commonly known as OBDII are typically found underneath the steering column in the lower dash area. You plug the AutoCyb into the port of that connector and then lock it preventing anyone from connecting devices to the port without your permission. If you happen to have your vehicle serviced a local dealership that's always out to deny warranty claims, this could be a great device to prevent them from reading any codes from your car that they might use against you.

The lock ships with two keys and is easy to install and remove when needed. The manufacturer says that will fit most cars and light trucks built after 1996. The device is available to purchase online right now for $30.

[via AutoCyb]