SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up, April 28th 2011

Good news this morning, with Verizon's 4G LTE back online in time for the launch of the DROID Charge. But this is a black eye for Verizon, casting doubt on the reliability of their network, and leaving subscribers to wonder why they had to use a workaround to get 3G. We have a hands-on of the new white iPhone 4 that Chris Davies visited with in London, complete with a video and a comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S II. Also, users that had manually updated their Nook Color found their e-reader bricked after the 1.2 update was installed. No word yet on a fix, just that "engineers are investigating the issue". Also, the Huawei lawsuit, RIM's questionable OS update, the G-Slate, more on the Sony PSN story, plus the Samsung Galaxy S II launch in Korea. Lots more after the cut.Huawei is suing its rival ZTE over patent infringement, of course ZTE denies everything, and claims to be "astonished" at the accusation.

Walter Mossberg, the WSJ godfather of gadget reviews, has said the LG G-Slate is "not as good as the iPad 2" and that he would only recommend it to those "who want the higher cellular speeds, or who prefer Android".

RIM's BlackBerry 7 may be coming out sooner that we thought, but is it just a rebadge of OS 6.1? We will be there to report on it at BlackBerry World next week.

Sony still hasn't said exactly what happened with the hack of PSN, but it is physically moving the database to a more secure location, as well as updating the software security. It is estimated now that the breach could cost Sony $24 billion.

Samsung is getting the Galaxy S II party started in Korea, and even did some extra research on thumb-length when designing the device. We love the Galaxy S II, it is a fantastic phone with an amazing display. You can check out our full review here. Still no date for US release.