Verizon 4G LTE back online

Verizon's 4G LTE network is back up and running, after embarrassingly going offline yesterday on the same week that the carrier's second 4G smartphone, the DROID Charge, goes on sale. Verizon is yet to confirm the exact reasons for the downtime, though did say yesterday that it had been "working with major vendors to restore connections."

Still, the day's downtime hasn't exactly convinced users that the network is stable, and combined with issues subscribers had getting their Thunderbolt 4G to connect to 3G networks, it's been something of a black eye for the carrier. Verizon has also been criticized for its lack of communication during the outage.

What remains to be seen, then, is how Verizon will handle the aftercare now that the network is back up and running. Sales of the DROID Charge – which are expected to begin today – had looked in peril as the carrier considered postponing until 4G was back online.