Verizon 4G LTE Down Nationwide

Verizon's experiencing some stumbling blocks the day before the commercial release of their new DROID Charge by Samsung. The LTE network that Thunderbolt users have been using with speeds of up to 12Mbps down is curently broken. Completely broken, as in down nationwide. This is only affecting the LTE component of Verizon's network, their 3G network is as strong as ever. Verizon is aware of the problem and has it's engineers working for a fix. For you Thunderbolt owners with a broken phone, there is also a workaround. This network outage is just five days after Verizon rolled out LTE to six more cities across the US.

From Verizon's twitter:

We're aware of an issue with #4G #LTE connections & our network engineers are working to resolve quickly. Will update here.

The workaround was posted up on xda-developers:

-Go to the ThunderBolt's phone dialer. Enter ##778# and hit Send.

-You'll get a pop-up labeled EPST, with the choice to "View Mode" or "Edit Mode." –You want "Edit Mode."

-You'll be asked for a password. It's 000000.

-Now flip down to "Modem Settings," and then choose "Rev. A."

-Change the setting from eHRPD to "Enable," hit OK, then press the Menu button on the phone and tap "Commit Modifications."

This gave me 3G back, hopefully works for others.

This issue also affects the MiFi 4510l LTE Mobile Hotspots. There isn't a workaround for this device that we currently know of, but Verizon will have everything up and running as fast as possible. For the rest of you who are drooling over LTE's ridiculous throughput, we reviewed the DROID Charge yesterday. If you missed it you should check it out.

[via GottaBeMobile]