SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up, April 26th 2011

It's been a busy morning already, with phones aplenty announced on Sprint and Verizon, and more Sony PlayStation Network news. Also, a review by the estimable Chris Davies of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the new phone is light and thin, with an extra-large 4.3 inch screen. More Apple news as well, with an Apple developer's white iPhone showing up on eBay and selling for a pretty penny. But will Apple allow it? Also, developers have more love for iOS than Android, but consumers have no love for their iPhones tracking them. In other Apple news, TweetDeck now has an iPhone app.

The ASUS Eee Transformer tab is already selling out, even before release in the US, and ASUS is working quickly to update software for the new tab. See all these stories after the cut.

  • A white iPhone, that elusive beast, has shown up in the wilds of eBay, probably from some poor, unfortunate Apple developer named Jeffery. As of now, it is topping $3,000, but will Apple get eBay to pull it?