iOS keeps developer hearts as tablet concerns douse Android enthusiasm

Developer enthusiasm has shifted back to Apple's iOS amid concerns over Android fragmentation and patchy tablet reception, according to a new survey by Appcelerator and IDC. Their Q2 mobile developer report suggests that, while Android was believed to be fast catching up with iOS earlier this year, that momentum has "recently plateaued": 91-percent and 86-percent of the 2,676 developers surveyed said they were "very interested" in coding for iPhone and iPad respectively, while only 85-percent and 71-percent said the same thing about Android phones and tablets, respectively.

The first batch of Android tablets hasn't really helped matters, either. Only 44-percent of developers are very interested in Motorola's XOOM, while just 31-percent are looking forward to the imminent launch of the HTC Flyer. Weak initial traction in tablets is cited by 30-percent of respondents as the biggest risk to Android, taking second place behind that ongoing bogeyman, device fragmentation.

However, the patchy enthusiasm doesn't necessarily open a door to Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS, with developers unconvinced that rival platforms to iOS or Android stand a chance at catching up. 62-percent said it would be impossible, while 46-percent said they were were simply too busy with Android and/or iOS to think about a different platform. In fact, Windows Phone and BlackBerry developer interest dropped seven and eleven points respectively.

Google will attempt to reinvigorate developer zeal at Google I/O next month, which the search giant will be streaming online for those unable to get tickets.

[via Android Community]