New TweetDeck for iPhone app lands

Twitter is one of the most widely used means to communicate with friends and other followers online today. With the raging popularity of the service it's no surprise that there are all sorts of third party clients that are used by hoards of Twitter fanatics every day rather than using Twitter directly. In fact, the use of third party Twitter clients is so widespread that Twitter decided to try and stop the proliferation of them not too long ago and claimed that the majority of users used the official Twitter app even with evidence to the contrary.

One of the most popular third party Twitter clients is TweetDeck and the app is on both the iPhone and Android platforms. TweetDeck has announced that with has a new version of the app that is available for the iPhone. The app is called TweetDeck v2.0 and it can be downloaded right now. TweetDeck says that the team took the original app and distilled it down to all of the things that made it so popular and then crated a brand new app from scratch to use all the newest and latest tech.

A few of the new features in the latest version include swiping between columns and navigation through user profiles. The new app also has improved navigation though user profiles and a new easy to use Add Column flow and pull to update animations. The app also has a cool follow/unfollow slider too. The app also offers the ability to access options with gestures like pinch. Pinch the screen and the app gives you access to options to add feeds into a column.

[via TweetDeck]