SlashGear Morning Wrap-up 2/20/14: Xbox One remote, Facebook buys WhatsApp

This morning one of the stories you'll see trampled by bits of information like Facebook's buy of WhatsApp and the new Xbox One remote is the fact that the FCC isn't giving up on Net Neutrality. The solidification of the idea that all web traffic should be created equally – that's what's being fought over. The FCC is writing up some ground rules right now that you really, really should be aware of.

Meanwhile on the less drastically important but interesting nonetheless side of the equation, there's the new Broadcom location chip. This device will bring on far longer lasting battery life in wearables while it tracks you. You'll be tracked all day long!

Yesterday Facebook agreed to buy WhatsApp. Facebook is buying WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars. That's more money than NASA has this year for funding from the US government. That's 19 times the amount of cash Facebook spent on Instagram last year. That's twice the amount Microsoft purchased Nokia for – believe it!

Meanwhile it's been suggested that Google made a bid as well. They tipped a paltry $10 billion instead – fah!

Perhaps the smallest stand-along peripheral we'll be chatting about today is the Xbox One media remote. This little machine will make your navigation of the Xbox One – with regard to media – all the more simple and readily available.

And if you're worried about being tracked by the government today, have more fear! There's a database of license plate numbers for readers around the United States.