Xbox One Media Remote official for March

Chris Davies - Feb 20, 2014
Xbox One Media Remote official for March

The latest Xbox One accessory has been revealed, Microsoft’s Xbox One Media Remote, better integrating the console into the living room as an multimedia system not just one for gaming. Set to go on sale in March across all markets Xbox One is available, the remote has backlit buttons which automatically light up when you pick it up.

Those buttons include the usual video playback keys for play/pause, skip, stop, and forward/rewind, along with a OneGuide button to jump straight into the program guide. Navigation is via a control pad, and there’s a back key to move back through the Xbox One’s menu structure.

The Xbox One Media Remote can also handle the TV power and volume, as long as you’ve set them up with the Kinect’s IR blaster, so you might be able to leave its remote in a drawer somewhere. That is, assuming you’re content with Microsoft’s console handling all your multimedia duties.

Physically, the remote has a silicone finish, Microsoft says, making it easier to hold. It’ll hit stores next month, priced at $24.99 in the US.

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