SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: October 9, 2012

Welcome to Tuesday evening, everyone. Earlier today, we found out that Samsung may be planning a Nexus 10 tablet, complete with a resolution to give the third-gen iPad a run for its money. ZTE gave its response to yesterday's allegations that it may be helping the Chinese government spy on the US, and Apple started shipping the fifth-generation iPod Touch to the first customers today. We heard that the rumored 32GB Nexus 7 variant might be replacing the 16GB model, and speaking of the Nexus 7, it received Android 4.1.2 today, which adds a much-needed landscape mode.NASA's Curiosity rover has scooped up its first "handful" of Martian soil, while Verizon announced today that it will have 4G LTE in 418 US markets by the end of the day on October 16. Not only did Samsung announce the Galaxy Music smartphone today, but it also started teasing a "groundbreaking" Windows 8 device reveal for October 15. Microsoft has released a Windows 8 update ahead of its launch at the end of this month, while we heard that Windows Phone 8 pre-orders might open up on October 21.

Despite Apple's best efforts, its Lightning chip has been cloned, and today the company was said to be in a long-running relationship with a carbon fiber manufacturer. We got to take a look at some snazzy new iPad Mini renders today, and were told that BlackBerry 10 might not launch until sometime in March 2013. Today was the day that Felix Baumgartner was supposed to attempt his record-breaking skydive, but at the last minute Red Bull had to pull the plug on the mission due to bad weather, with tomorrow's jump called off for the same reason. Firefox 16 was released today, and Amazon filed a new patent for an online haggling system.

Ice Cream Sandwich finally hit the Motorola Atrix 2 today, while Jelly Bean was arriving on Galaxy S IIIs in Korea. Tens of thousands of Chrome users have fallen victim to a bogus adware app claiming to be Rovio's Bad Piggies, and Valve has invited players to fill out playtest surveys for a chance to come into the studio to test new games and hardware. Gearbox released the Mechromancer DLC for Borderlands 2 a week early today, and the Humble Bundle is back, only this time it doesn't feature any games. Skype users are being plagued by a trojan, so if you use the service a lot, it's probably a good idea to check out our post to see what you can do to stop it from infecting your computer.

Finally tonight, we have a pair of original posts for your to read through. Chris Davies tells us why a Nexus 10 won't solve Google's problem with getting developers to make apps aimed at Android tablets, while Chris Burns has given us a review of the Acer TravelMate P243 notebook. That does it for tonight's Evening Wrap-Up, enjoy the rest of your night folks!