Apple rumored to be in long-standing partnership with carbon fiber manufacturer

Last month, it was rumored that Apple put in a huge order for various carbon fiber parts from a Japanese carbon fiber manufacturer. Of course, we weren't really sure exactly what Apple had in mind with these carbon fiber components, other than they'll probably be used for upcoming mobile devices. More news about the relationship today says that Apple and the carbon fiber manufacturer have actually been in a partnership for several years already.

This probably means that Apple is really interested in carbon fiber, and it's likely we'll see some of their future products bear the ultra-lightweight material at some point. Apple already has a carbon fiber patent that they filed in 2007, which details a different weave pattern than traditional carbon fiber.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've heard about carbon fiber being used on mobile products. Motorola has been doing it with their DROID RAZR series, which features an iconic weave pattern on the back of their devices. While Apple probably won't use the same pattern, we're interested as to how it'll look on future Apple products.

If Apple does end up implementing carbon fiber in its products, it's guaranteed that it will bring a completely new level of quality to the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook lineup. Not only will they be lighter, but they'll be more durable and rugid than ever before, which would be a much-welcomed change from the glass structure of the iPhone.

[via MacRumors]