Apple orders carbon fiber en masse

The Apple product universe is such at the moment that every little detail is analyzed down to the makeup of the tablet casings – and now that makeup has been touted as changing drastically in the near future. The Japanese news source known as Macokatara has let it be known that sources speaking from their own carbon fiber production company have had Apple ordering "large" samples of their product very recently. Apple also recently had a patent granted for "carbon composite mold design" which includes a process for mass-producing carbon fiber molds – and a Reinforced Device Housing patent as well.

This news doesn't mean that Apple will soon be working with the same weaves we see on the backs of the Motorola DROID RAZR family of devices. It doesn't mean that we'll be seeing changes to the exteriors of Apple products in the future because of their makeup. Instead it means that, if it's all true of course, Apple products will be getting rougher and tougher and lighter, too!

Apple always makes a point to increase the overall greatness of each product rather than focusing especially hard on one-upping any other product on the market. If one takes the iPhone 5 and compares it spec-by-spec to the competition, you'll find a display that's smaller than some and a body that's not the thinnest in the universe – but the final word is that the smartphone sold 5 million units in its opening weekend. That's a weekend of sales to people who purchased the device solely on the looks, and promises its creator made.

Here with a new carbon fiber-toting makeup for the casing in perhaps not the future iPhone, but the iPad and the MacBook Pro amongst others, you'll find another single element in a larger puzzle. It's not out of the question that Apple would be looking into futuristic concoctions for their products here in 2012, not out of the question at all. Expect advanced casings for your larger Apple hardware in the next few years – expect them!

NOTE: Apple has also recently posted a Senior Carbon Engineer job in Japan as well. Time to get carbonized!