SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: May 4, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone. It's the end of another week, and we've got all the tech stories you need to know before you head into the weekend. We'll start with an update to the phone that made all the headlines this week – Galaxy S III USA carriers leaked. Speaking of leaks, Google might spring one once the Oracle vs Google verdict drops, which is expected to happen on Monday. You know what else might happen by Monday? Yahoo's CEO will be fired, if the company responds to the increased pressure.Featured: So here's a look at the featured articles that were published today. First up is an opinion article about the world's leading online retailer – Everyone is scared of Amazon, and they should be. On the opposite side of the spectrum, here's something everyone should be excited about: CTIA 2012 set for SlashGear and Bill Clinton action. And finally, another opinion article from our Chris Burns – $99 Xbox set to save gaming as we know it.AT&T, Walmart, & Stonehenge: So as we wrap up the final evening wrap-up of the week, here's a few interesting stories for you – AT&T regrets "unlimited data." And moving onto the retail side of things, Walmart is selling the iPhone 4S as low as $114. Finally, we always like to end the week with the most interesting story of the day – First crop circles of the year appear at Stonehenge.