Spotify appears in Stonehenge crop circles

The wet weather in Wiltshire this past month hasn't stopped extraterrestrial forces from laying down the first crop circles of the year near Stonehenge. Crop circles are an annual event for the fields in Wiltshire, a phenomenon that attracts plenty of attention and tourists to the area. The first crop circle this year was reported on April 15 at Hill Barn, near East Kennett in an oil seed rape, or canola, field.

Another more striking crop circle was reported on April 28 and is now visible in another canola field at Yarnbury Castle near Winterbourne Stoke. This second one oddly resembles the Spotify logo. We've been told by a source very close to the matter (Spotify, not the crop circles) that Spotify has had nothing to do with these particular markings.

More circles will likely be cropping up as the weather gets drier. The intrigue behind the crop circles is that they are said to form in under 20 seconds under incandescent or brightly colored balls of light with the plants bent but not broken. They also tend to form near ancient sites and reportedly harness natural healing powers and even cause electromagnetic equipment failure.

[via Wiltshire Times]