SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: May 25, 2012

Happy Friday all! Are you pumped for the holiday weekend? Hopefully the weather will be nice in your area, but for now it's raining tech news and we have all the scoops you need. Starting with this – Facebook IPO prompts legal free-for-all. And in the world of Android... ViewSonic 22-inch Android tablet teased. Moving from teases to something that is very real – Toshiba discontinuing netbooks in the US.Featured: So what kind of featured articles were published today? We're here to tell you. All three of our big stories today are reviews, so sit back, relax and check these out – Bump for iOS review. And in case you're more of a gamer than a mobile fan – Diablo III review part I: your quest begins. And finally... RAMRod Powerbox gaming PC with RAMDisk review.Facebook, Galaxy, & SpaceX: So yep, it's that time where we dig into the rest of the stories for the day and figure out which ones are the most interesting and/or relevant. Like this one – Facebook rumored to buy Opera for own browser. Then there are those niche stories, like this one – Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue delayed. And finally, we always like to end the week with something different and fascinating. This fits the bill pretty well – SpaceX mission makes history, docking successful.