SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: May 1, 2012

Happy Tuesday, everyone. It's the beginning of the month. We're always halfway through the year and the tech news wires are cranking as strong as ever. First off, an update to the LG/Windows Phone story – LG denies ditching Windows Phone. And speaking of mobile platforms that people are running from, RIM guarantees Blackberry 10 devs $10,000. So how about that other non-Apple mobile platform? Yeah, it's doing pretty well. Comscore pumps Android to 51% market share.Featured: So today, thanks to the Blackberry World show, we got a whole bunch of news on Research in Motion's latest update. So you don't have to sift through it all, we put together a Blackberry 10 wrap-up. That's not the only thing to talk about today, though. We also reviewed one of the biggest phones out there right now – HTC One X review (AT&T). And finally, another story that's hard to keep track of – Oracle vs Google wrap-up.Nook, Street View, & MacBook Pro: And looking at the other stories that made headlines today, here's an update on the story that Microsoft is investing in Barnes & Noble's ebook platform – Nook won't be entrenched with Windows says B&N CEO. And another update, this one in regards to the Google Street View FCC scandal – Street View engineer warned Google in 2007. And finally, some news for all you Macheads out there – MacBook Pro 2012 amps up with SSD and battery.