SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: June 15, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone. What a perfect way to end the middle of the month. So, wanna know what made news in the world of tech today? Check this out – Apple plans Podcast App for iOS 6 release. Also, if you're looking for something with controversy – ICANN suspends domain sales amid address spill. And let's throw in a rumor just for good measure – Qualcomm readying 4G LTE chips for next iPhone.Featured: We've got a whole slew of featured articles for you today. We'll start off with this – TI's world's smallest IR temp sensor hands-on. And moving on to Android stuff – OMAP 5 Android development platform hands-on. And if you're looking for an insightful column, here's one for ya – Micosoft brand Windows 8 tablet must be developer-only. And finally, yes, more TI stuff – Windows RT Texas Instruments development platform tablet hands-on.Apple, Dropbox, & Kinectimals: So let's wrap up this crazy week with some interesting fare. For starters, you'll love this one – Apple 1 motherboard reaches $300K at auction. Yeah, that's right – $300,000. And moving on to something that's maybe a bit more relevant to your daily lives – Dropbox confirms public folder phase-out. And finally, we always like to end the week on a fun note – Kinectimals for Android released.