Windows RT Texas Instruments development platform tablet hands-on

This week we got the opportunity to take a peek at Texas Instruments' effort in the Windows 8 space with their development platform tablet. This device is made for developers to get a handle on how their OMAP 4470 processor (that's still OMAP4, not quite OMAP5 yet) works with Windows RT. After having been in development for over a year in direct collaboration with Microsoft, Texas Instruments is finally ready to show off its excellence here!

What you'll be seeing in the video below is Product Manager of the OMAP Processor Business Unit Bill Crean who will be taking you on a tour of the tablet. This presentation took place this week at the latest Texas Instruments developer event and makes us quite confident in their ability to forge forward in the mobile space – especially in Microsoft's Windows RT software environment.

This is but one of the many devices that Texas Instruments had on hand (you'll see more on SlashGear soon enough) and is also but one of several Windows RT tablets that manufacturers have created for testing purposes here in the summer that the software will actually be released. Texas Instruments will not release this tablet as a consumer product, of course, but here lies a great opportunity for you to see how great the software can run on a processor made for power.

The graphics processor in this unit is the SGX-544 which supports Direct-X 9 feature level 3, so expect the visuals to be just lovely. Note also how Crean mentions that this processor will be appearing in a Toshiba device or two very soon! Check the timeline below to see all the Texas Instruments news leading up to this event as well!

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