SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: July 19, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone. We're barreling right along this week as the tech stories continue to pour in. Here's what we have for you today – HTC preparing Jelly Bean update for One XL and One S. Also, are you curious how much money the new Yahoo CEO will be making? Marissa Mayer's Yahoo employment offer revealed with massive salary. Also, big news from Microsoft – Microsoft shows first public loss ever in financial Q4 2012.Featured: In the featured article category we have our app of the week – SlashGear Android app of the week: Auralux with Tegra-exclusive expansion. And moving right along, here is our featured column of the day – What would the gaming industry look like without Mario? And finally, here's the product-related feature of the day – Samsung Music Hub beta release hands-on.Ford, iPad, & Facebook: Here's the rest of today's major stories in the world of tech. We'll take a look at an automotive story first – Ford warns 2013 Escape 1.6L owners to park up immediately over fire risk. And this is a pretty interesting story for iPad fans – iPad original prototype re-appears with 12-inch display. And finally, for you Facebook fanatics – Facebook phone concept appears with "like" home button.