SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: February 24, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone. We made it to the end of yet another work week, and now it's time to check back on what made news on this day in tech. For starters, Google made a big splash when it announced it will bring "Do Not Track" functionality to Chrome. On a less surprising note, HP has confirmed it will be bringing a Windows 8 tablet to market this year, after the highly bungled webOS platform was officially chopped from the company's tablet portfolio.

Featured: It's official – our review of the PlayStation Vita is in. Check it out for our final verdict. Also, our Chris Burns reflects on the fact that Nokia has been crowned the #1 manufacturer of Windows Phone phones, and it only took one device and a couple months, in his column Nokia's position perfect for a Windows Phone win. And if that's not enough of Chris Burns opinion goodness for you, check out his other column – Control your web browser privacy in five easy steps.

Miscellaneous Friday Stuff: In the hodgepodge of other stuff that made news today, we have the fact that Netflix has snubbed Blackberry and says there's no app for the fledgling RIM platform in the works. Also, here's a PSA for you Android owners – new Android malware spreads via Facebook, bypasses Google Bouncer. And in other mobile news, this is pretty interesting: NVIDIA Icera Modem detailed with voice-over-LTE and gaming. Of course, mobile news will be everywhere next week when the Mobile World Congress kicks off next week. As a last-minute teaser, check this out – Google will have a massive showing at MWC. Well that's all for today's wrap-up, but the news never stops so keep checking SlashGear all day, every day.