Nokia's position perfect for a Windows Phone win

With the final statistic in place, Nokia taking the top spot in the Windows Phone sales market, Nokia and Microsoft now need only to reap what they've sewn in the world of brand awareness. The entire globe knows the name Nokia and just about everyone on the planet has had experience with a Windows-based PC. These are two winning brands, and there's no good reason why they shouldn't be on the road to a winning position in the smartphone business in a much greater sense in the years ahead.

There are several reasons why Nokia isn't doing as good as it has in the past as far as smartphone sales go worldwide, and several reasons why Windows Phone isn't doing as hot as it could be right this second. Two of the biggest reasons are right here in front of you, and you more than likely have one or the other (or both!) in your pocket right now: Apple's iPhone and Google's Android mobile operating system. The most dominating reason why both of these groups have taken off and continue to grow is brand awareness.

If you go into your local mobile carrier and ask what they suggest you purchase if you want a smartphone, they'll almost certainly direct you to either their latest Android smartphone or the iPhone 4S. They want you to have a satisfying experience, but they want to do this as easily as they can, and because Android and Apple have the market sewn up at the moment, their staff will simply not be able to give customers the same level of knowledge for support for broken devices or new-to-software users in each of their staff members that they will with iPhone or Android.

It's just like major politics here in the United States: there are two parties – you can root for a third, but a third hasn't come along and won a major election in the greater elections in the country for a very long time. The only way Nokia and Microsoft can get in the game in a real way is to push what should have always been: their power collaboration.

Nokia is a gigantic well-known brand with a history of making a massive amount of cell phones. Microsoft is a gigantic well-known brand with a history of software and an operating system so large that the whole world is more than just aware of it, chances are they're using it right now.

Tell the world that Nokia and Microsoft are together, at last.

Tell the world that finally, there's a device everyone can agree on.

Tell the world that Nokia has the hardware, Microsoft has the software, and the device you're pushing (not the devices, not the line of phones, the one device, even if there ARE multiples) is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Do that, ladies and gentlemen, and you'll grow.