SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 6, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone. Before you start preparing for the holiday weekend, coloring eggs, and all that, let's check in on what made news today. For starters, PlayStation Orbis processing specs leak. Of course, the Orbis (or PS4) is still a ways away, kind of like Google's augmented reality glasses. Yeah, Google Project Glass is still years away. Here's a Google thing that isn't off in the horizon, though – Google's Floor Plan Marker app to crowdsource indoor mapping.

Featured: In today's featured article, we take a look at the Android phone that is perhaps getting the most attention at this very moment, and compare it against the evergreen Android rival. Check it out – HTC One S vs iPhone 4S: hands-on part 1. It's an everlasting battle between the two smartphone platforms. Anywho...let's move on to the other stories that made waves today.

RIM, HBO on Xbox, & A "Thinking" Phone: So here's the latest in the saga of Blackberry maker RIM: RIM considers sales of company while execs bail. Yeah, not exactly a happy story. Here's one of a different tune – Comcast says HBO Go on Xbox next week. And finally, let's wrap up the wrap-up with the most intriguing story of the day: LG planning a "thinking" smartphone. Think on that one for a minute. Well, that's about it from today. We'll see you next week.