Comcast says HBO GO on XBox ‘next week’

Chris Burns - Apr 6, 2012
Comcast says HBO GO on XBox ‘next week’

It’s time to get your HBO content on, Xbox 360 users, courtesy of Comcast and Xbox live – HBO GO is ready to get started next week according to Comcast public relations. This update to the HBO GO library will be coming to Xbox LIVE in addition to a number of ways that you’re already able to get the content via Xfinity TV. These ways include the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets as well – and now the Xbox 360 finally! as well as are also delivering, Video-on-demand as well as linear TV as well!

To get access to HBO GO for your Xbox, you’ll just need the same name and password as you’ve used for Xfinity TV on Xbox. The entire library of HBO content you’ve had otherwise will now be available on your Xbox which, as everyone knows, is the best media center on the planet right this minute. Comcast promises here that they’re going to “continue to evolve” the experience which makes us think that the HBO GO interface you’ll be working with may be a bit limited compared to future iterations.

Are you and Xbox 360 multimedia user? Do you plan on joining the HBO GO crew for exclusive content starting next week? It’ll be “Starting early next week” according to Comcast – buy your popcorn early and join the party on Monday or Tuesday! Find out more information if you’re wild about details at Xbox 360 FAQ for Xfinity.

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