LG planning a “thinking” smartphone

Ben Kersey - Apr 6, 2012
LG planning a “thinking” smartphone

While everyone seems to have their gaze fixed on Apple to deliver innovation in the mobile space, we often forget that other companies are capable of doing cool things with tablets and smartphones. Samsung have seemingly reinvented the stylus as of late, and Motorola’s Smart Actions feature on the DROID RAZR was a legitimately helpful software tweak to Android. LG said today that they’re looking to deliver software innovation too.

Kwon Bong-suk, Managing Director of LG Mobile Communications, said that Apple isn’t the only company that can deliver the next great mobile innovation. He talked about an idea that LG is pursuing, a “thinking smartphone.” Bong-suk says that the smartphone would be context aware: for example, setting an alarm on the phone for 8am, but the phone waking you up an hour earlier when it detects busy traffic to your first destination.

That’s as far as he was willing to discuss the idea, but it’s still an intriguing possibility. LG also say that the possibility of a $100 smartphone isn’t out of the question, provided the company can make sure the user experience doesn’t dramatically suffer as a result of the low cost. Software tends not to be the problem, but combining it with the right hardware at that price point can be tricky.

[via Pocketnow]

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