SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 26, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone. We're coming up to the end of April, with bright hopes for amazing weather and happiness around the corner. And for one company, that's a pretty poignant analog to make right now – Nintendo. It just posted its first annual loss. But it's seen mostly as a fluke, as the next year will include the Wii U launch, which incidentally, is also in the news: Wii U with Android tipped for launch. Not all the news today was about Nintendo, though. There's still one particular smartphone thar's still making headlines – Galaxy S III guide appears in the wild.Featured: So we have a few featured articles today. The first has to deal with a new update to everyone's favorite microblogging site – Twitter update hands-on with push notifications galore. Moving on, our Don Deisinger takes a look at a veteran platform and why it's here to stay – Why there's no stopping iTunes. And finally, our review du jour is for those with an Android device – Dark Meadow: The Pact THD for Android Review.Nokia, Nintendo, & Ice Cream Sandwich: Nintendo isn't the only company with baggage that made headlines today. A former Nokia executive came forward to trash current CEO Stephen Elop and the Windows Phone strategy. But at least Nokia has done something to remain as relevant as possible. What is Nintendo doing? Nintendo faces rocketing smartphone gaming pressure. And transitioning into other mobile news, Sony's Tablet S is receiving Ice Cream Sandwich update.