Samsung Unpacked 2020 trailer teases new devices and BTS

Samsung Unpacked 2020 is only a couple of days away, but that won't dissuade Samsung from teasing and previewing the heck out of what's expected to be its big Galaxy Note 20 launch. We're already readying ourselves for a five device flood on August 5, as per Samsung's own mobile division chief, but now the company is wheeling in some celebrities too.

In fact, it manages to squeeze in not only BTS but Khalid and Myth into its new 34 second long teaser video. They share the time with some rapidly-glimpsed product shots that certainly don't do much to dismiss the plentiful rumors we've heard so far.

The big announcement, of course, is expected to be the Galaxy Note 20 Series. That's tipped to consist of not one but two phones, with the flagship being the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Samsung is likely to dip into the Galaxy S20 portfolio for camera and other features, with 5G and Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon chipset – for some geographies, like the US, at least -are also pretty much guaranteed at this point.

Also believed to be on the agenda is a new Galaxy tablet, or in fact two of them. The Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ have leaked already, unsurprisingly, as Samsung continues to try to take a bite out of Apple's iPad Pro marketshare with some Android-powered alternatives. Expect sleek, minimalistic styling and the judicious application of some AMOLED screen tech to help distinguish them.

Then there's the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Oddly named, yes, but Samsung's second-generation foldable phone-tablet hybrid is expected to address some of the main concerns about its predecessor. That includes a far larger external display – tipped to pretty much take up the whole fascia when the Fold 2 is folded – and a more subtle internal selfie camera.

As for wearables, there Samsung is likely to have two products. First off are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, a set of wireless headphones with a distinctive bean-like shape. Prior leaks have tipped them to include active noise cancelation – helping distinguish them from previous Galaxy Buds models, which have all used passive isolation – as well as some interesting integrations with Samsung's new phones.

Finally there's the Galaxy Watch 3. Samsung keeps plugging away at smartwatches, and the Galaxy Watch 3 looks to be more of the same on that front. Figure on fitness tracking and mobile payments, among other features. We'll know more – and presumably see more of BTS, Khalid, and Myst – on Wednesday.