Samsung Galaxy Buds Live reportedly cost $169: New leak spills the beans

The second major Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leak today seems to have spilled the remainder of the beans. The price of the release date level hardware seems to be just above the price of the most recent most expensive pair of Samsung Galaxy earbuds. Here, with the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung may have a real Apple AirPods Pro competitor on their hands.

Samsung's new Galaxy Buds Live earbuds were leaked with a wide array of specifications today, with three colors and now a price, too! The Galaxy Buds Live were reported to include ANC (active noise cancellation), 4.5+ hours of play time without recharge, and a charging case that pushes 35+ minutes of battery time in three minutes.

The case charges the buds when the buds are placed in the case. The case itself was leaked with two sorts of charging. One is USB-C fast charging, the other is Qi standard wireless charging. We do not yet know the capacity of the battery in the charger.

Each of the buds has capacitive touch tech for simple gesture interaction. You'll likely be able to run your finger over one of the buds to switch music tracks or adjust volume. Per Samsung's own software (shared by Samsung to their own app store today), a user can tap a bud to play or pause their music track, and touch+hold to activate or de-activate active noise cancellation.

Touch capabilities in the buds can also be stopped entirely with a flip of a switch in the buds software. We got a really good look at what was included in Samsung's software for Galaxy Buds Live earlier today.

Leaks today suggested that the Galaxy Buds Live would include 12mm drivers and three microphones per bud (two external, one internal). The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have AOM capabilities, which means they'll (potentially) have Always On Microphone active, allowing Bixby to listen in for commands.

Sound will be optimized by AKG, and three other sensors have appeared in leaks: acceleration, Hall, and distance sensors appear in these earbuds.

Information leaked today by WinFuture's Roland Quandt suggests that release date-ready prices for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are around 190 Euro (in Europe) and around $169 USD in the USA.