Razer CEO makes candid apology for supply issues

Chris Burns - Jun 6, 2014
Razer CEO makes candid apology for supply issues

Tt’s not often you find a company with a CEO whose main mode of communication with the public is Facebook. It’s also not often that you see the founder of a company as well known as Razer take responsibility for the company’s shortcomings. Today, Founder and CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan, has taken to the social network to make amends with the public for their “screwing up on anticipating demand” for their products for “a long time.”

We had the chance to speak with Razer earlier this year at CES 2014, having a peek at a few products that would be released this year. One of these products was the Razer Junglecat, a product that – as you can tell – needed a bit of time in hardware development before it could be revealed to the public. Another product they had on hand at the time that’s seen some delays (in shipping) is the 2014 Razer Blade.

The let down is not in the quality of the product, nor in the satisfaction of those consumers who receive their device, but in the process that puts time in between the consumer ordering or pre-ordering a product and their final in-hand experience. Min-Liang Tan suggests that Razer has tried “different things” including “doubling / tripling / quadrupling manufacturing capacity” as well as “pushed back launch dates.” In the end, says MLT, “we end up disappointing our customers.”

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MLT made clear his amends: “This isn’t the first time I’m apologizing for this, I’m afraid, but I do intend to change the system so that we can launch products better here at Razer and have more happy customers who can get their hands on our products.” He finished with word that Razer would have “more news on this shortly” and that the company would be “shipping something new very soon.”

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