Pokemon GO update plus secret events beyond Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is closing in for Pokemon GO and Niantic has a few tricks up their sleeve for the next big event. But first, some less obvious changes made to Pokemon GO over the last week that'll be taking effect this weekend. For starters, there's the switching of the nests – or nest migration, if you prefer. This is the term used for Niantic's switching of places where certain Pokemon spawn in big groups.

This week the switching of the nests will result in new Pokemon to appear in areas they might only rarely have appeared before. Nests of Pokemon in Pokemon GO don't always appear in areas that these Pokemon normally call their home environment. A nest of Voltorb, for example, might show up in a park near a river while a nest of Magikarp could potentially pop up in the desert.

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Those users with nests near them should take them and list them in the Global Nest Atlas at the Silph Road's homepage. There, nests are listed within several bounds, including Predictable Nests, Species, Verified or Unverified, and Nest Behavior. Nest behavior can include the Cluster, Frequent Spawn Area, Frequent Spawn Points, and Unknown Spawn Type.

This bit of information comes between events – sort of. There's actually an event going on right now that some lucky Japan-based trainers are taking part in. This Lapras Event has a load of these super-rare Pokemon spawning in several areas along the coast until the 23rd of this month. This proves that Niantic can make events happen in specific areas of the planet during specific periods of time.

The Pokemon GO+ (or Pokemon GO Plus) device will soon be working on a game outside of Pokemon GO. According to Niantic, the Pokemon GO Plus device will have some effect on the game Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. It's likely bonuses will be able to be attained if the player connects the device to their 3DS.

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It's also possible that a Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon app will be released and connect with the Pokemon GO Plus for bonuses that then tie in to the game on 3DS. The possibilities have much potential, that's for certain. At the same time, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have broken the 3DS sales record for 10-million units shipped. That's one massive release.

The events surrounding Thanksgiving are still in the mix, too. Users hoping to take part in another version of the event that arrived at Halloween will find something similar – almost certainly. This next Pokemon GO event has been tipped to SlashGear as coming on Thanksgiving day here in the USA and lasting through the weekend.

For more information on what the Thanksgiving event will likely hold, have a peek at our first all-inclusive Pokemon GO Thanksgiving #1 release. There you'll find talk of a number of Pokemon that'll spawn more regularly and mention of what bonuses will appear. Sound like another good holiday event to you, or will you be more excited about the possibilities of Pokemon GO Christmas?