Pokemon GO update news: Eevee, IV calculator, egg chart, Reddit cheats

Today hacking Pokemon GO has set a number of next-generation updates free for the public, including but not limited to a Buddy Pokemon system, a new IV calculator, and a remixed Egg Chart. What more could a hardcore Pokemon GO user ask for? I say user because I've accepted the reality of the situation when it comes to developers of desktop app for the game (some of them hackers as such), and people who follow those trends (like me), are digital users – addicts with a need to see how far this global game can go. Not to cheat, of course, but to compete in a global software modification race! With Pokemon, of course.

Buddy Pokemon - September 1, '16

A number of codes have appeared in this newest version of Pokemon GO that lead us to believe that an upcoming version of the game will have new "Buddy Pokemon" features. In our most recent Buddy report, we find that not only will there likely be ways to keep a Buddy Pokemon, there'll be new ways to earn Pokemon Candy in the process.

Get yo'self a Buddy! I'm going to get a Pikachu for sure. Just for old time's sake.

New Eevee Evolution - September 1, '16

For those players wondering where their most favorite Pokemon GO trick went with the monster named Eevee, there's now an answer. We've also discussed how users might continue to evolve Eevee into the evolutionary version of itself of their choice indefinitely.

We're also pretty sure we're on the right track when it comes to the next several evolutions in Generation 2.

Egg Chart Update - September 1, '16

According to our newest insider sources, the next big update for Pokemon GO will add a few new Pokemon to the Pokemon GO egg mix. The most recent egg chart update (as you'll see below) is just the beginning.

We're crossing our fingers for Pokemon we've never seen in Pokemon GO before – but it could just be that alternate egg-born Pokemon are on the way from the original 151.

IV Calculators and Evolution Charts - September 1, '16

Our most recent dive into calculators for Pokemon GO remains, for the most part, entirely active. Regardless of how close some of these calculators have come to going over Niantic's user agreement line, the full batch seems to still be functional.

Strangest on this list is the sustained existence of PGNexus. It still works, last we checked with a dummy account. Of course, it could just be that Niantic is leaving this tool's makers alone because it's such an effective tool for weeding out users who don't want to obey the rules.

Reddit Cheats - September 1, '16

We continue to call these "Reddit cheats" because Reddit seems to continue to be the place where they're all shown off for the first time to the global community. Diagnosing one's own full collection of Pokemon can still be done with PokeNurse in bulk.

Man In The Middle action on Pokemon GO can still be done with PokemonGO direct MitM – to see IV ratings of Pokemon and exploit a wide variety of cheats with the game.

Android app PokeMesh still provides a map of the world with Pokemon appearing live within it. The mapping system known as Skiplagged is still mapping Pokemon as well – albeit with a slightly confusing set of icons to avoid copyright issues.