Eevee evolution Pokemon GO trick update and fix

Pokemon GO has a big dilemma on its hands as the Eevee evolution trick stops working for one massive amount of users. What's going on? It's quite simple. We'll be running down the reasons why things have changed, and what will happen with Eevee in the near future – and through the year 2017 when the 2nd-Generation release of the game is made public. We'll begin with the evolution solution for those users that've never done it before.

Eevee Evolutionary Changes

For those new Pokemon GO users, the Eevee trick has a whole lot to do with the first Pokemon TV show episode in which the three evolved forms of Eevee appear. Each of the three types is owned by a trainer. Each trainer has a unique, short name which can help users in the game Pokemon GO.

• Jolteon = Sparky

• Vaporeon = Rainer

• Flareon = Pyro

If the user names their Eevee Sparky before they make them evolve, they'll turn into a Jolteon. This is true of Rainer and Pyro too, evolving into Vaporeon and Flareon respectively.

ABOVE: Image via yuzurihasagara (Link no longer active)

Many users have found that this trick only works a few times. When the trick no longer works for a player, it has nothing to do with the latest update to the game and everything to do with the amount of times they've used the trick to attain each of the different types of evolution.

If the trick has been used three times, once each for each of the different evolution types, the trick no longer works.

As a fix, a really dedicated user might want to literally start their game over from the start. Hypothetically, it does seem that if a player only uses the trick for one type, and never attains the other two, they could potentially keep doing this trick forever.

We've not encountered anyone with the time and effort necessary to start over and go that far to prove this theory.

Meanwhile the future holds some interesting bits and pieces regarding the next two evolutions of Eevee for Generation 2!

Generation 2 +2 more Eevee

In the second generation of the Pokemon game series, two new forms of Eevee evolution are revealed. We have yet to see these types appear in the code for Pokemon GO. In the second wave, Pokemon had both Espeon and Umbreon. In the game, users are required to abide by a set of rules and requirements in order to evolve Eevee into one of these new types.

Eevee needs to have a "Friendship" level of 220 or more to evolve into one of the two new types. In Pokemon GO, we hypothesize that this game element will be translated into CP level. As such, an Eevee of CP level 219 or lower would not be eligible to evolve into these new types in 2017.

Timing also has a lot to do with evolving these new types. Daytime and nighttime are the deciding factors for both of Eevee's future evolutions.

• Espeon – Day time runs from 4:00 AM – 5:59 PM

• Umbreon – Night time runs from 6:00 PM – 3:59 AM

To prove these theories running their course through to Pokemon GO, we'll have to spot code in a future update and/or wait for the 2nd-Gen release next year.

Not that long now!

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