Pokemon GO Update: egg chart, iv calculator, Reddit cheats

Over the past couple of weeks a variety of big changes have weeded out some of the most prevalent Pokemon GO cheats, hacks, and exploits. Today we've got a list of working exploits of the game, as well as an updated Egg Chart and some IV Calculators that thus far seem to have avoided Niantic's ban gaze. This list has been compiled for two reasons. One, to keep gamers on top of what the cheaters are using to attempt to beat them. Two, to keep these developers on their toes – just as they, in turn, are keeping Niantic's developers on their toes.

Egg Chart

The only difference between this and previous charts is the suggestion that location might matter a bit more than we previously suspected. Users will find these Pokemon in the regions in which they originate – or are limited to.

There's still a chance they'll appear in eggs in regions they'd normally not spawn in, but the chances are slim to nil. It MAY be that this has changed since the start of the game – making the appearance of these Pokemon in someone's bag a good indicator that they're either very well traveled or a cheater. Either or!

IV Calculators

There are three different kinds of Pokemon GO IV Calculators. The first and least dangerous one to use is of the Pokemon GO Info sort – not using Niantic's software at all. This information is based on a known database of Pokemon levels.

On the other end of the spectrum is Pokemon GO Nexus. That's a place where users can get a full readout of Pokemon in their character's possession at any one time. This webpage pings Niantic in a way that's against their Terms of Service – so watch yourself. Users using this service may end up being banned.

See SlashGear's recent IV Calculator list to see additional options.

Reddit Hacks

From the halls of the Pokemon GO Dev community come the oddities that have rather large chances of getting users banned. Not because they necessarily disobey Niantic's terms of service, but because they work with the game in questionable ways.

One of these is PokeNurse. This is an app that the user has to load themselves, made for desktop interaction with Pokemon GO. Here, users are able to manage all of their Pokemon GO transfers, evolving Pokemon, and checking IV levels.

BEING BANNED: How to appeal to Niantic to get un-banned

Apple's iOS users – iPhone and iPad – are using a tool called Cydia Impactor to side-load the app called "Pokemon Go++" – that's a modified version of Pokemon GO, the app – and therefore not something SlashGear is going to link to directly. Many users have worked on this app and no one central source for the app is currently available – it's everywhere. This app most certainly disobey's Niantic's TOS.

Android users that have a rooted device have the ability to load software called Xposed Module. Within this ecosystem, the app Pokemon GO (c) direct MitM. This system shows the Individual Values of each Pokemon in the user's possession and gives the user the ability to see Lure Time. This is a countdown meter showing how long a lure on a PokeStop is set to last.

This is only part of the full collection of cheats and hacks available to users right this minute. The vast majority of these hacks work with Pokemon GO as of the time of this article being published (at least those above all do).

See below for more examples of ways that users are hacking, cheating, or otherwise exploiting weaknesses in the world's most popular mobile game – Pokemon GO!