No Nokia Windows Phone for twelve months

Nokia's first Windows Phone will arrive in roughly a year's time, according to Nokia India MD D Shivakuma. The exec told DNA India that the Finnish company is working on a roughly 12 month timeline, a move which would seemingly bypass Windows Phone 7 and instead see devices run the next version of the platform, codenamed Mango.

Mango, we have heard separately, looks to be delayed until 2012 itself, which has likely put the dampeners on Nokia's 2011 plans. The company had originally hinted at a limited Windows Phone range later this year, with "a large number of Windows Phone devices over a variety of price points" in 2012.

As for this year, we should expect to see 40-50 new Nokia handsets in 2011 with around 20 of those being Symbian smartphones. In a regulatory filing last week, Nokia confirmed it envisaged a two year migration of its smartphone line to Windows Phone.

[via InfoSync]