No Nokia N9 for Germany, as MeeGo reach dwindles

The list of countries in which Nokia will launch the N9 continue to dwindle, with Germany, Austria and Switzerland apparently the latest to miss out on the MeeGo fun. According to German site mobiFlip, Nokia has confirmed that the touchscreen smartphone

The disappointing news follows confirmation earlier in the week that neither the US nor the UK would get the MeeGo phone. Rumors earlier in the year suggested that Nokia was positioning the N9 as a niche device, with less than 100,000 units expected to be produced.

Nokia pulled a countdown timer for the N9 recently, leading to further suggestions that it was attempting to downplay the handset's launch. The company appears to be focusing on its Windows Phone range, expected to arrive in Q4 this year, with the Sea Ray prototype – that borrows the same polycarbonate unibody styling as the N9 – tipped to provide an aesthetic alternative for those in countries not getting a MeeGo launch.

[via PhoneArena]