New 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro tipped for Q3 2021

The next two MacBook Pro computers were the subject of a report this week from China on Mini LED production. The devices will quite likely replace the otherwise most-recent 13-inch MacBook Pro, complete with a further move away from Intel and toward Apple-made chips in smart devices across the board. Reports also suggest that the next MacBook Pro units will likely be revealed in late September of 2021, just before the next iPhone and Apple Watch.

Info shared by DigiTimes this week suggests that Mini LED panels are in the making now for a planned third-quarter 2021 release. Zhen Ding is one of the suppliers that worked with Apple to produce 12.9-inch Mini LED panels for the iPad Pro launched earlier this year. It's likely the new MacBook Pro will launch in two sizes: 14-inch and 16-inch.

This next 16-inch MacBook Pro will almost certainly remove Apple's need to sell a MacBook Pro 16-inch with Intel Core processor tech inside. This will be the last replacement of a MacBook with an Intel processor – it's all M1 and forward from this point on. That goes for other Mac devices, as well.

Back in June, Apple effectively confirmed an M1X MacBook Pro was on the way. We've also spotted MacBook Pro 16 (likely for 2021) clues, as well.

If you're using a MacBook from the past or a Surface Laptop 4 (or otherwise), take a peek at our Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Pro M1 compared exploration. Now that Apple's laptops no longer use Intel Core processors inside, the differences might very well fray even further.

If you're looking for more ports, you're probably going to be in luck with this year's MacBook Pro release. Previous component leaks suggest that at least one MacBook Pro unit will have more ports than its predecessor. Not quite as many as some of the most port-laden MacBook Pro units of the past, but still – ports! Ports for everyone!