Did Apple just confirm the M1X MacBook Pro?

Apple's WWDC 2021 keynote went down earlier this week, and if you were expecting the reveal of new MacBook Pros during the show – as many of us were – you probably walked away disappointed. Indeed, there were no MacBooks anywhere in sight, just talk a lot of talk about what's new on the software front. While Apple may not have announced new MacBooks at WWDC, we may have an indication that some kind of announcement is on the way.

As discovered by Max Balzer on Twitter, Apple actually tagged its WWDC 2021 livestream on YouTube with "m1x macbook pro" and "m1x," which are of course references to the M1X chip that many people expect to be at the center of the next batch of MacBook Pros. That could mean that an M1X MacBook Pro is indeed on the horizon, but the presence of these tags also raises more questions than it answers.

For starters, why would Apple bother tagging its WWDC keynote livestream with those tags when it knows that it isn't actually revealing M1X MacBook Pros during the show? It could just be that the person in charge of creating the livestream mistakenly included the tags – and there are a lot of tags on that video so it's easy to imagine someone getting mixed up – but there's also the notion that Apple is using these tags for SEO purposes that needs to be considered.

After all, Apple is going to be aware of the rumors surrounding its WWDC 2021 keynote, and if it knows that a bunch of people think it's going to reveal new MacBook Pros with an M1X chip, then it can potentially bring more people into the WWDC 2021 livestream by using those tags. Then again, Apple is a company that isn't exactly hurting for exposure these days, so perhaps those tags do mean something more.

For now, at least, all we have are some mysterious YouTube tags referencing the M1X MacBook Pro and no official announcement to show for them. We'll let you know if that changes in the future, but until things do change, it's probably best to assume that these tags were either a mistake or an SEO tool rather than getting your hopes up for an impending announcement.