iPad refresh Lightning cables leaked in SKU listing

A collection of 6 new cables and adapters has been leaked today before the big Apple event including a new USB power adapter that's up to 12W instead of the standard iPad 10. This update points toward a faster-charging iPad mini and/or iPad 3 refresh and a power supply potentially more powerful than the already massive component in the iPad 3. This listing comes from 9to5Mac where they've also got a showing of a 60W Magsafe 2 power adapter, this likely aimed at a new Retina MacBook Pro.

The listing also shows a Lighting digital AV adapter as well as a Lightning to VGA adapter, this likely preparing the iPhone 5 and new iPads for large-screen mirroring abilities. There's a Lightning to USB Camera adapter also, this matching the USB Host abilities of the Lighting port on the iPhone 5 and likely the iPad 3 (and refresh) and iPad mini as well. The same is true of the Lighting to SD Card camera reader unit, this ready for SD card reading on your iPad and iPhone too – we shall see!

Apple will likely be placing this whole collection of adapters to the online Apple store later today after the main event. This event has been rumored to contain not just an iPad mini and an iPad 3 refresh (with Lighting port), but a new Mac mini and iMac as well, not to mention the first appearance of the MacBook Pro with Retina display in a 13-inch iteration.

Stick with us all day long for the big event that starts at 10AM PST. We've got our Apple portal ready for action and will have up-to-the-minute updates right here in the main news feed as well.