iPad mini Apple event invites released: October 23rd it is

Today it's time to get busy packing for the next big Apple event, set for October 23rd and quite likely to reveal no larger an iPad than a mini. With the iPad mini on peoples' lips and in their dreams now for several months (or years, for some), it comes as no surprise that the device will be revealed just in time for the holiday season. Now we've just got to hypothesize on how many other devices – or device refreshes – will be appearing as well.

This event will likely center around an update to the whole Apple range, with the iPad mini coming with a Lightning connector and a refreshed iPad coming with Lightning as well. There have been several other rumors surrounding this event including a new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro that's essentially the same as the one released earlier this year – but smaller. It's not that Apple wants to get tiny here in the Autumn of 2012, but they're certainly not going to let the competition swipe their legs out from under them.

Apple has over the past year concentrated on becoming thinner and sharper, with the iPhone 5 becoming taller yet smaller and the Retina MacBook Pro getting smaller as it gets much higher definition in its display. This event will steal some fire away from Microsoft simply based on its timing as well with the release of Windows 8 set for the 26th of this month.

Have a peek at the timeline below to track what we've heard and been tipped on for the iPad mini over the past few weeks, and stay tuned for the final event as well. We'll be on-site with all the coverage you could possible want from start to finish right here on SlashGear!