International iPad goes on sale

Chris Davies - May 28, 2010
International iPad goes on sale

It’s Friday, May 28th, and that means it’s international iPad day.  Queues were already forming outside Apple stores yesterday, while preorder customers started to receive their online orders a day early (or, alternatively, make thousands of complaints to couriers).

Part of the rush is concern over stock levels, with Apple’s online store having experienced a couple of delays already.  The company has promised in-store stock on a first-come, first-serve basis, but they’re not saying exactly how many each retail location will have.

If you’re still in two minds about whether to head down to your local Apple store – or indeed are sitting with your iPad and wondering what exactly this $500+ slate is actually good for – check out our various iPad reviews.  We’ve looked at the iPad WiFi and the iPad WiFi + 3G, and we’ve also got a skeptic’s review for those not quite sure if they’re ready to drink the Cupertino kool-aid.

Have you picked up a new iPad today?  Let us know how you’re getting on with your new toy in the comments!

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