Early iPad deliveries prompt over 100,000 complaints

Early iPad deliveries across Europe have left many Apple fans contentedly playing with their new tablet toys a few hours ahead of what they expected, but according to couriers TNT it's also been a huge source of complaints.  Mobile Industry Review was told by a TNT representative that the couriers responsible for the iPad shipments have "had over 100,000 complaints today because of the iPad early delivery," as preorder customers who had made plans to sign for the slate tomorrow have discovered a failed delivery attempt was in fact made today.

There's no telling whether the 100,000 figure is hyperbole by the TNT rep or an accurate figure as to the number of iPads now in the wild across the UK – certainly initial preorders were enough to exhaust Apple's initial supplies of the tablet.  Still, the dilemma for those unable to accept delivery today is that TNT may attempt a redelivery tomorrow or their iPads may get pushed to the bottom of the queue.

That might mean waiting until Monday until the next attempt is made, meaning those queueing up outside an Apple Store tomorrow could, in fact, get their iPad before someone who preordered it within minutes of online availability.  While the early indication is that the error is in TNT's court, there's no doubt that the bad PR will spill over onto Apple to some degree; we're expecting to hear talk of executive roastings at TNT HQ any moment now.