HP ultra-thin CULV notebooks in Q4

HP are planning a range of ultra-thin notebooks based on Intel's CULV platform, for release in Q4 2009.  The ultraportables will eventually take on Acer's Timeline range, but before the new models arrive HP is expected to recycle existing notebook chassis designs with new CULV hardware, possibly including the HP dv2.

That, according to Taiwanese manufacturing sources, will allow HP to minimize delays in reaching the market, together with keeping prices competitive.  Intel's CULV platform of low-voltage consumer processors from the company's Celeron, Core 2 Solo and Core 2 Duo have seen significant discounts to encourage big-names like HP to adopt the freshly branded CPUs.

The first CULV notebooks were expected to hit the market in Q3, however that has happened sooner than expected in the shape of the MSI X-Slim X340.  Intel expects CULV machines to fall in the $699 to $1,100 price bracket.   HP themselves have declined to comment on the leaks.