Intel netbook & notebook plans revealed: N280 facing the axe

Leaks from manufacturers have revealed Intel's notebook and netbook plans for the remainder of 2009, and there are a few surprises in store.  Low interest in the Atom N280 CPU and GN40 graphics chipset has led them to consider retiring the combination, with the N270 and 945GSE pairing holding the netbook torch until September.  Meanwhile the next-gen Capella notebook platform will arrive in Q3, targeted at the high-end $1,200+ market for 14- to 18.4-inch machines.

Before then, Intel will be discounting its existing-generation Montevino platform, while also focusing on the more-recent CULV architecture.  CULV will use low-voltage Montevino chips to offer 12- to 13-inch ultraportables in the $699 to $1,100 price range.

The Atom N270/945GSE combo will eventually be replaced by Intel's Pineview CPU and Tiger Point chipset.  Prices for 10-inch netbooks based on the newer components are expected to range from $399 to $599, with the first models launching from September.  Meanwhile Intel have prepared an N270-based white-box netbook – with 512MB of memory and 8GB or 16GB of solid-state storage – that will sell for around $256, preloaded with the Moblin v2 Linux OS.