Intel slash CULV CPU prices to tempt manufacturers

Intel is believed to be heavily discounting its CULV processors – by more than 50-percent according to some manufacturers - in an attempt to promote the consumer ultra-low voltage platform.  HP, Dell and Acer are rumored to have been offered CULV chips at $65 each (when bought in bulk), a considerable reduction from the unit list-price of $152.

Even outside of the top-tier of manufacturers, Intel is pushing significant discounts.  MSI and ASUS are believed to have been offered similar processors priced between $70 and $75.  The chips are reported as low-end, which suggest that they are Celeron CPUs; Intel is expected to differentiate the CULV platform into three tiers, starting with Celerons, then single-core CPUs and finally dual-core chips.

Higher priced processors, such as the Intel Core 2 Duo SU9600, are expected to be priced at $289 – in thousand chip quantities – with top-end CULV processors coming in at $315 to $342.  Intel are expected to officially launch the CULV platform on April 19th.